Thailand Diaries: Beach Bumming on Koh Lanta


On the 8th we just chilled out, in preparation for our 16 hour train ride that night. We got the sleeper train from Bangkok to Trang, then a bus (and two car ferries while on the bus) to Koh Lanta Yai, off the Andaman coast. So far we’ve only booked flights and sleeper trains in advance, so we just popped into a travel agent in Trang to arrange a bus, and book our first two nights in a beach hut.


The Island of Ko Lanta is beautiful. We stayed on Ao Phra-Ae (Long Beach) for four nights. By the end of that though, it was a bit too long – the whole island was really quiet, with not a lot to do in the evenings. We missed the only party on the first night we were there! We were so tired after the long journey, and the music kept us up until the wee hours. We considered going out, but reckoned there would be another party tomorrow – wrong! According to the bar staff, it was unusually quiet for this time of year, but I get the impression that even when it’s busy, it’s not THAT busy. The weather was brilliant though, so we took the opportunity to relax on the beach, drink some beer and work on our tans (or, more accurately, my tan and Chris’s freckles).


We stayed the first two nights in a teeny tiny beach hut, with a cold shower and a hammock on the veranda – the resort was called Lanta LD Beach. It was our own beach paradise in theory, but a bit open to the beasties in reality. I’m not great at the budget travelling – the hut was raised from the sand, but you could see down through the floor boards, and our mosquito net had a few holes. It was great for the price we paid, but I was glad to move on to something a bit sturdier for our second two nights at Palm Beach Resort.


Although it’s supposed to be the dry season here, we did see a lot of rain in Ko Lanta. It came on like clockwork at 4pm every day, and absolutely poured down for about an hour. This is a good time to get a nap and a shower before dinner – it did rain again in the evening one night, but the sun was battering down the rest of the time, so we didn’t mind too much. If it does start raining while you’re on the beach, drop your towels and bags off at one of the beach bars, and head into the sea, where the water feels as warm as a bath. It’s a great experience!


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