Thailand Diaries: Snorkelling in Koh Lanta


Beautiful decoration on the Thai long boats

So, we finished our time in Ko Lanta with a snorkeling trip. We got a big boat to Ko Phi Phi, then a long boat around the various islands of Ko Phi Phi. We stopped at Monkey Island, where we fed the monkeys our left over bananas from lunch.


Feeding the monkeys – our guide hurried us a bit here, and we learned why later. A friend we met got bitten by one of these guys!!

Then we headed to a cove where we could climb stairs up to the island and walk around to Mia Beach, where they filmed The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio. It was beautiful, with white sand like sherbet, but packed full of people. We definitely had more fun actually in the water, where we saw loads of coral, a gazillion fish and some scary sea urchins. (Unfortunately for this post, we don’t have a waterproof camera, so no pictures of Mia Beach or sea urchins)


We were there with a lovely Malaysian family – just the five of them and the two of us on the trip – and they had a little boy who didn’t want to put his face in the water. They got a sandwich bag and some bread and spent ages trying to catch one to show him! They did it eventually, and because they were throwing loads of bread in, all the fish came to our boat, it was great. Don’t worry, they threw the wee fish back!



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